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DIY: Make a Wooden Wall Key Holder

DIY: Make a Wooden Wall Key Holder

If you're constantly losing your car, house, or locker keys, it might be a good idea to think about making a wooden wall-mounted key rack .

In addition to being a decorative object that will find its place within a Scandinavian interior style, a wall key holder will allow you to centralize all the family's keychains so that you no longer search for them for hours.

In this quick and accessible tutorial, you will learn how to make a wooden wall key holder step by step. Little extra: your wall key holder will be magnetic! This will add an original touch that will make a splash with your guests, in addition to being very practical on a daily basis.

This is a simple project that you will do with your own hands, which will only take a few hours and which will cost you around 17 euros.

Here's what you'll need to make a homemade wall key holder

1. A rectangular piece of oak wood

You can buy this piece of wood, or try to find it among scraps of wood in your garage or workshop. You can also ask woodworking professionals (carpenters, sawmills, etc.) if they can give you one of their scraps. You will surely get rid of them!

2. Five high-power magnets

High-power rare earth magnets can be purchased online or at your local hardware store.

3. A wall frame clip

4. Wood stain in the color of your choice

5. A brush for staining

6. Wood glue

7. A drill and drill bits of different sizes

8. Screws to attach your wall key holder

The 8 steps to make your DIY wall key holder

1. Cut the piece of wood to size or purchase the desired size wood from your local home improvement store.

make a wooden wall key holder

2. Measure the desired distance from the back of the wood to install the magnets.

diy wooden wall key holder

3. Using a drill, drill 5 holes into the back of the wood where the magnets will be glued.

diy wooden wall key holder

4. Make a notch in the wood at the back of the top of the panel (between the two holes for the magnets) to install the clip.

homemade wooden wall key holder

5. Glue the magnets and the wall clip with wood glue and leave to dry for 2 hours.

diy wooden wall key holder tutorial

6. Paint your homemade wall key holder with the stain of your choice. Remember to apply several coats, allowing it to dry between each coat.

make a wooden wall key holder

7. Find the desired location and attach a screw into your wall. Then, simply install your DIY wooden wall key holder using the clip.

how to make a wooden wall key holder

8. And there you have it, all you have to do is magnetize your keychains to your new wall decoration accessory so you never lose your keys again!

diy wooden wall key holder

Congratulations ! You have managed to create a wooden wall key holder with your own hands! Satisfying, isn't it? You can be proud of it: your wall key holder is unique, and none of your friends will have the same one as you!

We advise you to combine your creation with Scandinavian or modern decoration. The magnetic appearance of this wall key holder makes it a particularly stylish and refined piece to install in the entrance to your house or apartment.

If you want to vary the styles, you can always check out other ideas for wall key holders to make at home.

Or you can opt for our Magnetic Wall Key Holder below, which has an even more stylish appearance and can also be used as a mail holder.

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