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The world of La Maison du Porte-Clé

Since its founding in 2020, La Maison du Porte-Clé has been driven by a mission: to transcend the ordinary by transforming an everyday object into a unique piece loaded with symbol and emotion. Discover the origins of our young House, which has already become the essential reference for high-end French key rings.

"I see the key ring as a bridge to our memories, and a witness to our unique identity. I founded La Maison du porte-Clé for those who wish to encapsulate time by offering a symbolic gift that goes well beyond equipment."

Lucas Delarue - Founder of La Maison du Porte-Clé

At La Maison du Porte-Clé, we breathe a part of our soul into the creation of each piece, because we have the deep conviction that the objects we carry with us every day should be a reflection of the values ​​and stories that shape us .

La Maison du Porte-Clé redefines this daily accessory under a new prism, merging tradition and modernity to completely reinvent it. We dared to imagine the key ring as an essential fashion accessory, integrating noble materials, bold designs and cutting-edge technology to design each of our jewels.

The history of La Maison du Porte-Clé is woven from the souls of our artisans and their stories, each creation being imbued with ardent passion, constantly renewed innovation, and an incessant search for quality. 'Excellency. At La Maison du Porte-Clé, we don’t just create accessories; we write stories, yours and ours, intertwined by the magic of exceptional craftsmanship.

We aspire for each of our keychains to embody a timeless grace that transcends fleeting trends. Elegance for us is synonymous with the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, giving life to pieces that enrich your daily life with their beauty and utility.

In a world where time seems to constantly accelerate, each of our key rings is a promise of durability, a life companion ready to collect and tell your story through the ages. Through our creations, we wish to create jewelry which, much more than simple accessories, becomes precious relics, improving over time and passing on from generation to generation like an emotional Ariadne's thread connecting past, present and present generations. future.

The beginning of the story

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