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Professional & Advertising Keychains

Up to -95% on each key ring depending on the quantity ordered

Professional key rings are promotional items that can be very useful for companies in their communication campaign . Customizable using your logo or your company name, these accessories allow you to convey your brand image to your customers and prospects. And what an effective vehicle for your advertising message ! According to our calculations, each person with a set of keys uses it up to 27 times a day. That's 27 opportunities for you to place your logo in front of this person's eyes with your advertising product! Provided that she judges that this personalized keyring with a photo has enough value for her to decide to hang it on her keychain or one of her bags, but we will discuss this subject a little further down…

Since key rings are promotional items that often remain on your prospects' car or house keys, they ensure constant visibility for your brand and customer loyalty ... At a lower cost! Because unlike traditional advertising which you have to pay for continuously: you only need to invest once in a customizable advertising key ring (if it is made of plastic, this is less true). It is therefore an extremely interesting product, and it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it within your commercial strategy.

The customizable advertising key ring: is it really useful today?

In the age of the Internet and targeted advertising, you can legitimately ask yourself the usefulness of a personalized business keyring . If you own a company, or are employed by one, then you surely need to look for new sources of profit and growth. Why deprive yourself of a communication channel as intimate as a personalized key ring with your laser-marked logo? Yes, intimate. Because unlike online advertising which is at best tolerated and at worst intrusive, a personalized metal advertising keyring is a useful product. With this advertising through the object you are doing your customer a favor by offering it to them, because they can use it to decorate their handbags or find their set of keys more easily, for example. This point already makes a huge difference in the first impression he/she has of your company.

In addition, by hanging your key ring with company logo on his keychain, your client opens the door to his privacy: he willingly takes you into his home, and hangs you next to the two things that matter most for him... His house keys, and his car keys. What other advertising goodies can boast such closeness with your customers? Obviously, this is unconscious: he does not suspect the power of your personalized key ring. But marketing and communication specialists have long proven the decisive role of the unconscious in a purchasing decision. You know: sales are above all emotional. The emotional is linked to the unconscious. And offering promotional gifts directly impacts the unconscious.

Just as sure as it is more likely to get money from someone after asking them for the time, it is more likely to trigger a purchase in your prospect after giving them such a corporate gift keychain valuable.

But for this principle of reciprocity to work to its full potential, and for your customer to deign to hang YOUR customizable key ring on their keychain (because your competitors have also understood the trick, and are flooding the market with their own accessories).. Your vintage advertising keyring must have enough value in their eyes. Which is not generally the case with an ordinary shopping cart token key ring or bottle opener.

This is why we created our collection of professional metal key rings. We want to give companies who wish to associate their brand with prestigious high-end jewelry the opportunity. The idea behind this is for your customer to be proud of their customizable keychain. May he be grateful to you for offering him such a free product, even as a promotional gift . Because as professionals, we all know to what extent offering accessories and valuable gifts to our customers is a powerful psychological lever to trigger an act of purchase.

Every time your client or employee looks at the personalized advertising keyring that you gave them as a corporate gift , they will think “what a beautiful piece of jewelry”... And they will associate your company with this pleasure and this desire to beautiful things. Certainly, he will keep a better memory of your brand with one of our metal key rings, than if your logo is engraved on one of those banal goodies with bottle opener or shopping cart token that everyone has already seen passing by . You do not think ?

You won't see anything like it anywhere else, because we are the only ones in France to offer such promotional accessories . All our personalized key rings on this list have been imagined, designed and created with the demand for excellence. Each part of each product has been carefully studied to maximize its practicality and durability. As said above, we want your customers to be able to associate your company with this idea of ​​prestige, quality, and reliability.

And the extraordinary quality of our personalized jewelry comes first and foremost from the materials with which these fashion accessories are made in our workshops. Our personalized photo keychains are made from premium materials such as stainless metal and vegan leather. You can choose from our large collection of different personalized keyrings , to find the piece(s) that best suit your business.

To order your personalized key ring model and transform it into a formidable marketing object , no SIRET number is needed. Any organization can order from us. Simply, to benefit from advantageous prices on volume, you must order a minimum of 50 pieces. If you would like to order less than 50, contact us and we will happily discuss your project.

All our key rings can be personalized from 500 pieces ordered. This generally does not result in a price increase. Unless you want to personalize your key rings in an unusual way. Simply contact us by email, and we will discuss your project. Please note that due to their size, some of our original models are more suitable for personalization with logo or laser marking than others. However, it is possible to replace the default “JOBON” logo with yours on any of our key rings. If you wish to have your logo written elsewhere on each of the copies, a series of numbered parts, or an additional inscription, this is also possible. Please note that this type of tailor-made customization may, however, incur an additional cost. We also invite you to contact us for further information.

To complete our vast selection of products , you can also opt for personalized packaging with the photo of your choice from 500 copies ordered. The latter comes in the form of a small gift box with a display inside, to showcase your personalized metal or leather key ring. Here too, we can replace the “JOBON” logo with yours, and personalize the box as you wish. Please note that this packaging is optional, and that you will be asked for an additional cost if you wish. Contact us by email for more information.

Whether it's a gift t-shirt, colored pens, a photo mug or a personalized key ring for promotional purposes: if this item is of poor quality and breaks, your customer will unconsciously associate this bad experience with your company. This principle of association of ideas has been highlighted by numerous psychological researchers over time, notably by a certain R. Cialdini.

But it's not just about prestige and trust with a personalized company logo key ring . The quality of our models also makes them much more profitable in the long term. Indeed: the average lifespan of a low-quality personalized key ring is 475 days. Our metal key rings are pieces designed to last over 10 years. Investing in our wide range of luxury key rings is a long-term investment in the prosperity of your business. Because as you now know, each person uses their keys up to 27 times a day. Imagine the result of this over 10 years... For the price of a personalized metal photo key ring purchased at -75%. And now, imagine the price you would need to advertise to get as much exposure as with these simple little objects... We have calculated for you: €73/year per customer on average. The price difference is obvious.

This reduction can go up to -75% if you order several thousand pieces. This allows you to order each personalized advertising key ring in our catalog for less than €10. Then simply select the desired quantity, then click on “Add to cart”. The “ wholesale price ” reduction is automatically applied. You can then access your basket by clicking on the small bag icon at the top right of your screen. All you have to do is place the order for your personalized advertising product as normal!

Do you want to ensure the quality of our products before placing a bulk order? No problem, you can order the quantity you want as a "sample". The principle is simple: you pay the price displayed for this sample of promotional items , and if you decide to place a larger order afterwards, we deduct the price of the sample from the total amount of this order. To put it another way, we give you the sample as a gift if you decide to order.

Are you interested in purchasing advertising keyrings in small quantities ? If you would like to be accompanied when placing your order, or if you have a specific request to make to us, you can also click on the “contact us” button present in the product sheet of each personalized advertising keyring, in order to Ask us for a free quote with the price according to your number of pieces. Prefer the latter option if you wish to pay the requested price by bank transfer. In fact, our site only accepts payments by PayPal or credit card.

Once production is complete, your order will be shipped as soon as possible for delivery as soon as possible. Also, please note that we always carry out a careful inspection of each product leaving our workshops.

Throughout its journey, you will be able to follow the progress of your order using the delivery tracking number that we will have provided you. If you have any questions about a professional personalized key ring , simply contact us by email (we generally respond within 24 hours maximum). Delivery of your advertising key rings will be made to the address you have given us. Your accessories will arrive packaged in reinforced boxes containing 200 pieces and weighing approximately 20.8kg. Depending on the quantity ordered, wooden pallets can be unloaded. If you want the delivery address to be different from the billing address, this is also possible. Depending on the period, we can offer you free delivery on your bulk order regardless of the amount. If you benefit from such an offer, then you will only have to pay the price indicated in the price list for the personalized key ring, nothing more!

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