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DIY: Make an Organizer Keychain

DIY: Make an Organizer Keychain

Do you ever get lost among all your keys?

In this quick and easy illustrated tutorial, you will learn how to make your own metal organizer key ring to keep your keys in good order.

Many people attach all their keys to one keyring. The result is a shapeless bundle of keys of all kinds, held together by simple rings.

Such trousseaus are a real shambles . They are very noisy because of the keys constantly rattling, and cumbersome because the keys are piled up haphazardly in the pocket or bag. Plus, it often makes it difficult for you when you need a specific key, but have to search through all the clutter for the right one.

There is a simple solution to this: the key holder organizer . At La Maison du Porte-Clé, we offer this type of accessory for purchase. But today we are telling you the complete method to make your own metal organizer key ring!

No more poorly organized, noisy and bulky keychains : you can enjoy the joy of carrying a practical and unique accessory every day since it was made with your own hands!

1) What you will need to make your keychain


- Two bolts and two nuts of 8
- Two pieces of wood (dimensions: 0.3 cm / 10 cm / 3 cm)
- Thin sheet metal (dimensions: 10 cm / 5 cm)
- Adhesive for wood and metal
- Ten fixing washers

    make an organizer key ring


    - A drill and drill bits
    - Metal scissors
    - Abrasive paper
    - Small stationery clips
    - Ruler
    - Pencil

      diy key ring

      2) Define the shape of your DIY keychain

      Use any small round object to trace a half circle on each end of the two pieces of wood.

      Next, cut along the outline you just traced.

      Attach the shapes obtained to the metal plate, and use them as a template to cut out two shapes with your metal scissors.

      how to make a keychain yourself

      3) Drill your future key ring

      Combine the resulting two pieces of wood and two pieces of metal into one large piece, like a sandwich . 

      Mark locations on the top for future holes. They should be 2.75cm apart from each other. 

      To keep the boards and plates from moving, secure them together with the stationery clips (the metal plates inside). 

      Use a suitable drill bit to drill holes in the 4 pieces. 

      Now deburr the pieces and re-drill into the wood to ensure that the screws can easily pass through the holes.

      make metal key ring

      4) Place keys inside your key ring

      Now assemble your keychain!

      1. Take a metal plate
      2. Insert a screw in
      3. Place a washer, then a wrench
      4. Place the washers and keys successively

      There should be five washers, for four keys on each side.

      Of course, you can do it without washers, but there's a good chance the keys will have trouble moving once the keyring is finished.

      If you have an odd number of keys , you can solve this problem by placing two washers in place of the key. 

      Have you finished placing the keys? Now place the second metal plate on top, then screw everything together with nuts.

      make a keychain yourself

      5) Glue the wooden covering of your key ring

      Apply glue to the outside of the metal plates, then attach the wooden plates on top. hold the whole piece together with 4 stationery clips. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

      how to make a key ring

      5) Decorate the skin, for a personalized key ring!

      Your key ring is almost finished: it ’s time to personalize it!

      Apply a wood paint of your choice to the exterior parts of your key ring. We also advise you to varnish your accessory once the paint has dried.

      diy keychain

      And that's it, you're done! Congratulations, it's always nice to do something with your own hands!

      This key ring will make an elegant accessory, but it can also make a wonderful personalized gift .

      You have made a basic organizer key holder with your own hands. It is very likely that many will envy your new accessory. Also, we advise you to take a look at our model below. Here, everything has already been done for you .

      Take advantage of a 15% reduction on our Deluxe Organizer Keychain with the following code:

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