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Which Keychain to Choose?

Which Keychain to Choose?

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Giving a key ring is a simple and effective gift idea for all occasions! However, with the infinite number of different models, it is sometimes complicated to find your way around. And then, as long as the person you want to give it to appreciates their gift! So how can you ensure your gift doesn’t turn into a fiasco? 🤔

To choose a key ring in the best way you need to know who you want to give it to, on what occasion, what model, what material and what functionality.

This is all very easy to determine, don't worry. In this quick and precise buying guide we will explain to you how to choose the right keyring to give every time.

how to choose a key ring

1) Who would you like to give a Keychain to?

This first question is basic but it is the most important of all to make the right choice. Who is your gift for? You are obviously not going to focus on the same goodies if you are giving a gift to your child or your spouse. Or perhaps you are looking for a key ring for yourself, and you are right to treat yourself to gifts. 🎁

The advantage of choosing a key ring as a gift is that you are spoiled for choice. No matter who you want to give it to, you will find a suitable model. In addition, it is a small object that you carry with you everywhere and which allows you to keep your keychain close at hand. Very useful for people with several sets of keys , or those who regularly misplace their car keys or house keys. In addition, for women the key ring is an accessory that can hang very well on the handbag.

what key ring to give

2) A Gift Idea certainly, but for what occasion?

The occasion for which you want to buy a keychain is also very important. Is it a birthday? Father's Day ? Mother's Day? Of Christmas ? Valentine's Day ❤️? The event you are about to celebrate can give you a clue on the type of key rings to offer.

If it's Father's Day, for example, you can opt for a masculine model with a carabiner or bottle opener and bottle opener, adapted to the style of an adult man. For a birthday it may be wise to choose a personalized keyring with a laser engraving of the first name. For Valentine's Day, offering a couple keyring, a heart keyring or a photo keyring to your other half can be a very good way to strengthen the ties that unite you on a daily basis.

choose a key ring

3) Which Keychain Model Should You Choose?

Once you have identified the person you want to give a keychain to, think about their tastes, their passions and even their clothing style. What would suit him best? A customizable key ring from your favorite world, another in imitation leather that can be worn elegantly on your belt, or even a piece for your personal collection?

Generally, for a child we recommend an original or fanciful key ring. For an adult or young adult, it may be interesting to consider purchasing an accessory that has swapped its fantasy for a dressy style. In all cases, we advise you to avoid the eternal shopping cart token keyrings and other advertising keyrings seen and reviewed. 😕

If the person you want to spoil has a passion, try to find out if they already have personalized key rings that relate to it. You may think it's a good idea to offer him a key ring from his favorite universe at a low price, and take the opportunity. But beware ! Chances are someone else thought of it before you! Moreover, depending on the model it may not be such an original gift, it’s up to you…

key ring choice

4) A key ring yes, but in what material?

Now that you know which model to choose, it's time to select a preferred material in order to refine your gift idea . Just like jewelry, key rings can be found in a whole bunch of different materials: wood, steel, titanium, leather, zinc, copper, etc. Very often the material of a key ring determines its price and its resistance in time. ⏳

All of these materials have different properties. The steel or titanium key rings from La Maison du Porte-Clé are extremely resistant and are particularly suitable for everyday wear. Because when making your choice, remember that this accessory will be in permanent contact with a set of keys: regular shocks, friction, scratches, etc.

Do you want to offer or choose the most original key ring possible, even if it is not really durable? In this case, all materials are allowed, even plush! We advise you to browse our collection of original key rings to find what you are looking for.

Or do you want to give an ideal gift that the person will keep for a long time due to its manufacture in a durable material? In which case we advise you to look at key rings in stainless steel , titanium or brass. To do this, nothing could be simpler: discover our range of classic key rings and key rings for men.

which keychain to choose for men

5) What Features for your Keychain?

Whose ? ✔️

When ? ✔️

What ? ✔️

In what ? ✔️

You're almost there! Now the last step. To have the most precise idea possible with a view to purchasing a personalized key ring, it is interesting to imagine the use that the spoiled person will have. You may be thinking that this is ridiculous because the function of a key ring is simple and unique… hang on the keyring . Well, think again!

You are certainly aware that there are also multifunctional key rings. Some are equipped with a flashlight or LED lamp to find the lock in the dark, others can be used as a fire starter or nail clipper, some can be used as bottle openers, and still others as a fist American! Offer a useful gift coupled with a fashion accessory.

Even key rings with a rather fanciful style can have a nice specificity: glow in the dark, play a particular music, act as a compass, magnet, lucky charm, etc.

original gift key ring

And there you have it, you now have all the cards in hand to select the right key ring and offer the perfect personalized gift!

If, despite this, you still feel lost in the immense world of key rings that we offer, do not hesitate to contact us to ask for advice. We will be happy to guide you and advise you so that your original gift is a success. 👍

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