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French Laces, Color to your Feet

French Laces, Color to your Feet

Today we have chosen to talk to you about a French brand: Les laces Français . This brand was created more than 10 years ago and is exclusively distributed by Cravate Avenue . As the name suggests, the laces are made in France. The cotton is woven and dyed in workshops located in the heart of our beautiful country. It's a source of pride to offer this type of fashion accessories because as they said in the 1980s, our shopping is our jobs. This little cotton cord braided with love and passion therefore represents French know-how as well as unparalleled originality.

Wear Colored Shoelaces

Colored laces have become very fashionable in recent years. This little touch of color laced on your shoes brings a touch of freshness to classic leathers, whether black or brown. You should not make a mistake in choosing the color because once laced, your laces cannot be changed as easily as a tie or a key ring. Tying shoelaces is a long operation and if you choose a complex crossed lace, then you are not likely to change them the next day...

On city shoes, there are many combinations, choose rather pastel colors for brown leathers and rather bright colors for shoes with darker leathers. Once laced, your shoe laces will give your feet that subtle touch of color that will mark the care you want to take with your outfit. Only detail-oriented men and women wear shoelaces in matching, finely selected colors.

green colored laces

What Types of Laces?

The Lacets Français brand offers more than 40 colors, numerous sizes and widths. Whether they are carnation pink or royal blue, including cardinal red or pastourelle green, there is something for all shoes, whether city shoes (thin or thick round laces) or sneakers, sneakers, Doc Marteens or simply Converse, you will then choose flat laces, 5 or 8mm wide. Then, you will need to select the length and in this specific case you will ideally need to have the old pair to compare and measure the lengths. We can also have a reference with the number of eyelets but their spacing can vary which will have an impact on the actual length of the lace.

In summary, you will find with this beautiful 100% French brand, the laces of your dreams, there are hundreds of possible combinations, which means there are no limits to your stylistic imagination.

blue color laces

Where to Find the Brand?

French laces are exclusively distributed on the Cravate Avenue website, which has offered thousands of fashion accessories for men since 2005. Ties, bow ties, belts, cufflinks, laces, scarves and scarves, but also watches, jewelry boxes, leather goods and even luggage.

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