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Pro - 167A

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Catherine M.

“Please know that if I owned the La Maison du Porte-Clé site I would be very proud of it. Delivery is fast, I really like the texts that accompany the pages of your site, much less impersonal than other sales sites! »

Chloe P.

“I bought a key ring from you because it was a gift for my mother which she really appreciated. »

Christian B.

“I bought the first keyring for myself. My wife really liked it so I bought a second one with an engraving to give it to her”

Claude M.

“If I were in your place it seems to me that I would continue to produce and market quality key rings [...]”

Coralie V.

“I bought a keychain from you last year as a gift for my boyfriend and he is very happy. »

Corinne C.

“I bought these for my husband for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I really liked these 2 key rings. »

Daniel B.

“I have ordered from you several times, for myself and for loved ones because your key rings are particularly well designed and elegant. Not to mention the choice... I love consulting your catalog, even knowing that I already have everything I need. »

Guy-Pierre D.

“I bought my keychain from you because I like leather. I particularly like the quality of the product and its design. I am already very happy with a first purchase from you. »

Jean-Luc P.

“a great gift because the key ring is original and of very good quality. »

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Jean-Luc P.

“It was a gift to my wife and also to myself. I was tired of buying key rings that broke after a while and boring styles. »

Laurence L.

“I find your range of choice and your site very good... I immediately found what I was looking for! »

Marco C.

“For my best friend's wedding I gave her a key ring from you...I even bought it twice because her bag was stolen on vacation...she loved her key ring so much that I I recommended ;-) »

Marie-Hélène G.

“I bought a key ring from you because of the choice you had (no need to make 50 sites!!). It was for me, I was looking for a key ring large enough to easily find my house keys in my bag. I'm delighted, I find them very quickly. »

Martine P.

“the quality is SUPER, don’t change anything. Same for delivery »

Michele B.

“If I could be part of La Maison du Porte-Clé, I admit that I wouldn’t change anything. There is something for every taste. As for the delivery I have absolutely nothing to say. Delivered on time as indicated when I ordered. I wish you continued prosperity. »

Pierre C.

“Thank you for only offering high quality and durable products and for maintaining customer relations that are always polite and courteous”

Roger O.

“I bought two key rings for myself, one for the car and one for my apartment. It was on your site that I found my happiness. I use these key rings daily. »

Sandrine P.

“I bought a leather lanyard for myself, I wear security badges all day at work and I found this one very nice”

Frequently Asked Questions

You can order in two ways:

1. You can order directly from our site by simply adding the desired quantity to your basket. You will then just need to place your order as normal, paying via PayPal or credit card.

2. You can contact us if you would like a quote. Prefer this option if you want to personalize your key rings, if you have a special request, or if you want to order more than 10,000 pieces.

Once your order has been manufactured and shipped, we will email you the international tracking number for your order.

You will be able to follow the delivery of your order live.

Contact us by email specifying the model, quantity, and type of customization you want.

If you would like to have a logo affixed, please send it to us in JPG or PNG format.

If you wish to order identical models, but each with a different personalization (such as a numbered series for example), please contact us first.

If there is a problem with your order, please let us know as soon as possible after receipt.

We will be happy to find a solution by offering you depending on the situation:

• A full refund

• A return at our expense

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