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Porte-Clé Sirène
Porte-Clé la petite Sirène
Porte-Clef Sirène
Porte-Clé Sirène ariel
petite Sirène Porte-Clé
porte clé sirène strass
Sirène Porte-Clé
porte clef Sirène
porte clefs Sirène
Porte-Clé Sirène
Porte-Clé la petite Sirène
Porte-Clef Sirène
Porte-Clé Sirène ariel
petite Sirène Porte-Clé
porte clé sirène strass
Sirène Porte-Clé
porte clef Sirène
porte clefs Sirène

Original Key Ring

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They love our keyrings
They love our keyrings They love our key rings
  • Unique and Original Design : add a touch of fantasy to your daily life
  • Zinc Alloy key ring: lightness and resistance
  • Practical : easily identify and find your keychain
  • Stones: rhinestones
  • Careful details
  • Size: 10.2cm

Show off the universe that is unique to you!
What do you think about adding an unusual note of fantasy to your daily life?
Take advantage of a functional and quirky tool such as this Mermaid Key Ring, to show off your very special character and embellish your set of keys with a pretty, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Acquiring a personalized key ring remains essential today, if, like the majority of people, you have a daily set of keys. The keychain's importance in our lives is such that we handle it on average 11 times every day. The only other accessory in this case is our smartphone.

However, all of the keys are identical. How to quickly differentiate between several keychains showing no clear difference? And then, it remains no secret that keychains have the unfortunate tendency to quickly be forgotten. This is really annoying, because our house keys and car keys are sometimes found hanging on the misplaced keychain.

If you still had doubts about the necessity of a key ring, this has probably cleared up your questions. Considering all this, why not take this opportunity to make this key ring a charming and attractive little everyday accessory ? Unleash your creative soul and incorporate fantasy into this gray metal companion.

Because you will truly handle it every day, as much as it brings a comforting touch to each of your days ! Ordinary and bland keyrings suffer from a severe lack of warmth and personality. By adding an exotic, original key ring to your keychain, express your unique personality and add your personal touch to this symbolic object!

Assert your unusual personality with this Mermaid Keychain which will bring a nice touch of eccentricity to your daily life.

Forget the uniformity imposed by our current society. Bring a touch of frivolity and good humor to your daily life! Hanging on your set of keys, this Mermaid Key Ring will represent the uniqueness of your temperament . Its extraordinary appearance will be noticed by everyone.

The key ring remains, like a personal phone protector, a brilliant support of character . A person's keychain can say a lot about them. Your uniqueness is wonderful. So why on earth should you settle for a basic promotional keyring, or any metal ring? Become unique!

How about owning a remarkable and dazzling accessory? Most of our accessories remain extremely extravagant. They are noticed from afar and arouse emotion through their specificity. Key ring with LED lamp, with USB key, heart key ring, soft toy, unicorn, whistle or even anti-stress; choose between our most unusual models to give new life to your keychain. Decorate your other keychains with our complete collection of original keyrings, each more astonishing than the last!

Opting for one of our fabulous jewelry remains a much more certain way of adding a dose of magic to your daily life, than confining yourself to a generic personalized key ring with laser engraving or marking. Let your sensitive side express itself with our refined accessories, or make a splash with our more outrageous pieces .

Forget the boredom of banal accessories thanks to this Mermaid Keychain. Differentiate yourself with a fancy key ring that is linked to your character.

No other brand offers the creations present in our collection of original key rings, they remain very special. Our creations have been designed with the aim of symbolizing in the best possible way your temperament and the touch of madness that suits you so well. Each time you use your keys, you will be able to show off your exuberant personality .

The wide choice that we present in our collection ensures that you will find the unique pearl, the personalized key ring that you will be the only one to wear. Although not all of them are intended to be engraved or personalized like photo keyrings, our original keyrings remain in some way very personalized. Indeed, thanks to the large selection available to you, everyone can discover “the shoe that fits” or should we say “the key ring that suits their temperament”.

Get ready to create an event every time your exceptional companion is noticed! And for good reason, how can you ignore such an unusual piece of jewelry? “Well, this is a truly original key ring!” Cheer up your friends or arouse admiring reactions: what is certain is that your loved ones will not forget your original key ring (and will perhaps even be curious to know where you could have found an accessory The same…).

Whether you set your sights on a key ring with a cheerful style, a fun or more mature look; you will be free to incorporate part of yourself into it. Because this is what our original key rings are all about: thanks to their extraordinary design, they are personalized for the individual who wears them. Besides the appearance it can present, such an object always means something more personal. Whether it 's a gift or an individual item .

Do you want to delight someone important to you? Thanks to this Mermaid Keychain, you have the perfect gift idea.

Do you want to find a very special birthday gift or Christmas gift, with the aim of being sure to please? Offered forever, if there is one present that has remained a sure value for both men and women , it is the key ring. Birthday, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or Mother's Day: the key ring is ideal for any occasion.

Why is it an ideal gift , especially when placed in a sumptuous gift box or a pretty gift box? Indeed the usefulness of such a piece of jewelry remains certain for most of us, since everyone uses keys! And then, its low price helps make this Mermaid Keychain an inexpensive gift, great to complement a more expensive gift idea, for a little attention, a small gift or for modest budgets.

You may be one of those who imagine that giving a key ring is like giving a classic and too generic gift. This is where our personalized key rings stand out! Their atypical appearance and appearance make these pretty jewels inimitable and therefore unique. Unlike advertising key rings, by choosing a personalized key ring you remain certain of giving an individual gift which will highlight the unique character of your loved one.

Be sure to stand out by surprising yourself with an original gift with this Mermaid Keychain. You will not be disappointed with this important little personalized accessory.

Automotive brand key rings are truly simple goodies and promotional items. They remain very different from the perfect gift ideas represented by the fashion accessories that we present to you on our site. True personalized and customizable gifts , our original key rings are unrivaled on the market. Here we offer you the widest choice of original key rings in France. Among so many pieces, there is undoubtedly a key ring that will suit you perfectly: pompom, shopping cart token, heart shape, bag charm, or any other charms. In the same way, you will surely discover the perfect gadget to give to anyone you want!

To build a personal and unique bond connecting you to a person you love, nothing could be simpler. You can simply give her a gift of a customizable accessory, such as this Mermaid Keychain. Its new little accessory will materialize your memory in the mind of this person, as soon as their eyes focus on your gift. You will remain close to her at all times, so to speak, like a lucky charm or a memory. In trying times, your loved one will be able to draw from within this jewel the strength to resist. You will stay at his side at all times to support him.

This Mermaid Keychain remains a subtle trendy piece of jewelry, but which also remains a practical and enduring companion in everyday life.

Certainly the priority role of such a charm is to decorate your set of keys with a personal and original touch, as would an authentic fashion accessory . However, at La Maison du Porte-Clé we believe that what we have the right to expect from any key ring should be found in this piece of jewelry too.

If they remain so visible and easily identifiable, it is from their appearance that our exuberant little objects borrow. Large families will have a particular use for them, since they are perfect for recognizing one keychain among others! In addition, their unique appearance makes them easy to carry in a handbag or pocket. In fact, the majority of our models still consist of a carabiner, a clasp, a ribbon, a cord or a hook allowing you to keep them within reach at all times . The accidental loss of your keys will only remain a bad memory!

An object made in an artisanal way, for which originality is combined with high quality.

Although they are not designed to be used as a bottle opener, our original key rings combine extravagance and endurance. In the same way as all the other models offered by La Maison du Porte-Clés, they are designed on request and in an artisanal manner to ensure the highest quality possible. We are proud to innovate on this point, because the vast majority of sites equate “originality” with “low quality”.

Most of the accessories included in our original key ring collection are made from zinc alloy. This silver metal remains renowned for its strength. It is also widely used in jewelry for the creation of costume jewelry , as well as various other materials such as leather, imitation leather, stainless steel or even brass. It has acquired this reputation thanks to its own advantages: low cost, resistance and ductility. Its use thus allows us, at a lower price, to offer you exceptional achievements. The enchantment of some of our key rings is enhanced by pretty shiny rhinestones.

Original Key Ring
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