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Porte Clé design
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Porte Clé Design homme
Porte Clé homme Design
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Men's Key Ring
The Design (Steel)

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They love our keyrings
They love our keyrings They love our key rings
  • 316L Stainless Steel Key Ring: strength and durability, does not rust
  • Practical : keep your keychain organized and accessible
  • Classy and Modern : unique design, perfect to complete a dressy outfit
  • Special care given to finishes
  • Total length: 8cm
  • Ring diameter: 30/25mm

The obligatory ally of everyday life: the key ring for men. Opt for this Designer Key Ring because a basic steel ring is unworthy of the modern man you embody.

The key ring remains such an essential object that, in addition to our mobile phone, it remains the object that most of us take with us on every occasion when we travel. The practical side and importance of this everyday object is no longer in question. Dynamic within his intimate as well as external life, a man often has an impressive set of keys. He is therefore obliged to have his car, apartment, shed, shed, residence keys, etc. at all times.

An often complicated mission since the keys can be found attached to a poorly arranged keychain. Furthermore, let's not refrain from pointing out the deafening, heavy, and impractical nature of the majority of trousseaux. And then a large number of us have all witnessed this state of affairs where the key that is essential to us finds itself remaining lost within the keychain. Hanging on a key ring that is not very ergonomic, the desired key will tend to remain mysteriously inaccessible. It appears that on top of that only a small number of people think about making their keychain unique with a trendy keyring. This is a shame since our set of keys remains one of the accessories that we use the most in everyday life . Adding to the fact that it is not as practical and trustworthy as a real key ring, a simple steel ring is sorely lacking in uniqueness.

A perfect everyday ally, even though it needs to be reinvented, the men's key ring remains a great everyday ally .

More than basic accessories, the men's key rings presented by Maison du Porte-Clé are real modern jewels.

You almost certainly have a smartphone. In addition, like the majority of people, you have sometimes even personalized your phone with original protection. You may also wear fashion accessories such as an earring, a ring or even a piercing, with the aim of standing out from the crowd and showing a character trait that is unique to you.

However, just like your bag (or any other small leather goods) as well as your smartphone; your keychain accompanies you every day. In addition, this accessory really lacks personality when compared to your various personal items. You will have understood, this is about your keychain. Most of the time, people only see their keychains as a practical accessory. They actually lack uniqueness so they clash with the rest of your daily fashion items. It is therefore a shame not to integrate your key ring into the middle of your look by personalizing it even a little!

Few sets of keys become individualized, because few men know the value of them. However, they forget that they handle their set of keys almost as much as their mobile. And in the same way that the case and the version of a phone say a lot about the person of its purchaser, an engraved key ring remains great in order to display their character on a daily basis. Lose sight of the classic logo advertising keyring and find your own jewelry accessory!

Infinitely more than a basic key ring, display a symbolic accessory.

Rustic accessories with particular appearances, the men's key rings from the La Maison du Porte-Clé collection are as sumptuous as they are ergonomic. Stop abandoning the security of your keys between the twists and turns of a weak iron loop. A true central piece of your style , whether masculine, modern or sober, we have a key ring that will satisfy you. Adding a modern look with a revealing allusion to your personality, each of our key rings remains a miracle of ingenuity.

Look like a businessman by wearing one of our magnificent key rings. All of our key rings for men are unique in their kind with their metallic colors (black, multi-colored, silver, etc.) as well as their appearance, this fact ensures that you will find the jewel that will highlight your character . Present a resolutely manly look by matching your everyday clothes (jackets with fur collars, jeans, t-shirts, etc.) to one of our key rings for men.

Symbolic and individual, the Design Key Ring remains specific to the person who owns it.

Why not take advantage of an opportunity to highlight your uniqueness , at the heart of this social structure driven by uniformity? This singularity is placed in the accessories that accompany you on a daily basis. The buyers of the first telephone are modern people, exactly the same as someone who struts around in a prestigious outfit displays their status. So, what happens to a normally elegant person with a trendy look but for whom their bunch of keys are little more than a terribly impersonal functional pile? In reality, this lack of customization from which such a basic object suffers will always affect its appearance.

He cannot be an important person who does not have his own engraved key ring. Can you imagine a successful man with a metal bauble as his only key ring? Impossible, of course. What's better than a key ring to project your status, your personality and your life overall?

If all of our key rings are unique, it is above all because of this fact. We have therefore opted to have all of our men's key rings assembled in an artisanal manner and only on request. The royal style of our jewelry has been imagined and designed to allow you to wear jewelry that sounds like a nod to your success .

Our key rings are designed as stunning pieces of jewelry while being clever, practical accessories that you can count on.

Never losing sight of their basic role as practical tools, our key rings remain authentic masterpieces of pragmatic ingenuity. You can therefore mix design and utility with all of our key rings for men. We know that a busy man can't afford to waste time looking for his keys. Our key rings have been designed to make your life easier , and thus spare you the pleasant moments during which you are looking for a key that cannot be found. All of our models can be fitted with additional rings with the aim of making the management of your keychain easier.

Even if they are resistant and made from remarkable materials , our key rings are assembled with the aim of being as slender as possible so as not to weigh down your keychain unduly.

In order to prevent the unfortunate possibility of loss or theft of your precious keys, most of our models are equipped with a remarkably reliable carabiner . Opt for various places such as your bag, your jeans, or your jacket in order to securely hang and attach your keychain there. The style of our key rings allows them to be elegantly incorporated into your usual look, attached to your pants for example. If you want to carry your keychain inside a pocket, our smallest models will remain perfect for you and will simplify your life without weighing down your pockets.

Strength and longevity: the perfect companion for your everyday keychain.

As a general rule and according to many respectable experiments concerning the behavior of certain individuals, an active man manipulates his bunch of keys 11 times a day. Your key ring is therefore obliged to be durable above all else. Style vectors, functional accessories, and irreplaceable accessories . Our men's key rings are reflected in these three characteristics. But such a representation would not be complete without describing the extraordinary robustness of our articles.

The two main reliable materials making up each of our men's key rings are stainless steel (often with a silvery appearance), and titanium alloy (with a more blackened appearance). Our accessories are therefore equally capable of serving as a makeshift bottle opener, as they remain designed to withstand daily use for a significant period of time. The extraordinary endurance of our key ring accessories is intrinsic to the noble materials of the components . It therefore remains all the more risky to leave your keys hanging on a classic metal trinket, rather than on one of our solid key rings. The majority of our most functional models are equipped with a lobster clasp. Due to the resilience of its mechanism, loss and theft are no longer concerns you will face.

Scratches, friction, usual handling: our key rings are designed to be insensitive to these attacks . Because we anticipate that you will want to hang your most precious keys (home, vehicle), we have ensured that our key rings are secure objects.

Imperishable, our key rings will accompany you as long as you see fit to hang your keys on them. One thing remains certain: their longevity is measured in years. Reliable and made for everyday life, this perfectly defines our men's accessories. Key rings breaking after just a few days will just be a bad experience from the past.

What if you gave him this Designer Keychain? For a gift idea that combines practicality and efficiency!

A personalized key ring always remains the most accessible ideal gift to be sure to make a man happy. Whether for a birthday or Father's Day, a key ring is the ideal object to say “I love you”. However, to be sure to give a gift that is out of the ordinary, it is recommended to select a key ring with individual laser engraving, serving as a USB key, a whistle, or even an organizing and accompanying key ring. of its very sophisticated case and much appreciated by many men.

Men's Key Ring
The Design (Steel)
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