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Porte Clé Coloré
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Men's Key Ring
The Colorful (Steel)

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They love our keyrings
They love our keyrings They love our key rings
  • 316L Stainless Steel Key Ring: strength and durability, does not rust
  • Practical : keep your keychain organized and accessible
  • Classy and Modern : unique design, perfect to complete a dressy outfit
  • Special care given to finishes
  • Total length: 9cm
  • Ring diameter: 32/25mm

The obligatory accessory of everyday life: the men's key ring. Make your life easier and assert your unique style with this high-end Colorful Keychain.

If there is one accessory that most people carry with them at all times, it is none other than the key ring. A nice practical accessory , it has become essential for our current existence. Permanently on the go, a modern man has an impressive set of keys. In fact, his many keys never leave him: car, home, shed, trunk, residence, etc.

Something that is sometimes infeasible since the keys have the ability to remain in good order attached to a poorly organized bunch. But let's not forget to mention the noisy, heavy, and impractical nature of the majority of trousseaux. Then let's not mention looking for the essential key to very precise timing. Hanging on an impractical key ring, the key you are looking for will have the habit of remaining strangely untraceable. Furthermore, it remains sad to observe that only a minority of adults add a customizable key ring to their flashy keychain. A key ring being the most used accessory next to the smartphone , it's a shame not to single it out with a unique key, don't you think? The basic sad and dull steel ring is completely unpersonalized, adding to the fact that it is not practical as well as being significantly less secure than a real sturdy keyring.

A perfect accessory for everyday life, even if it needs to be revisited, the men's key ring remains the ideal everyday ally .

Mixing chic and classic, visit the men's key ring collection presented by Maison du Porte-Clé.

You almost certainly have a smartphone. In addition, a personalized lining put in place by you certainly helps to make your smartphone unique. Likewise, you may wear personal items such as an earring, a pendant or even a piercing, in order to differentiate yourself from the crowd and mean something that is unique to you.

But just like your bag (and any small leather goods) and your smartphone; your keychain you carry it every day. In addition, this tool particularly lacks personality even when compared to your various personal objects. Yes, the accessory in question here is your set of keys. Most often, men only perceive their trousseau as a functional accessory. These present a huge flaw in terms of personalization, which is the opposite with your various goods. It is therefore unfortunate not to incorporate your key ring into the middle of your look by individualizing it even a little!

Only a small number of keyrings become individualized, because few people see the need. That being said, they don't seem to understand that they use their smartphone almost as much as their keychains. An engraved key ring can fulfill the same function as the one fulfilled by the protection of a mobile phone: displaying the uniqueness of the person who owns it in the eyes of others. Ditch the advertising keyring with the banal logo and find your superb jewelry-accessory!

Beyond a classic key ring, have a personal object.

Fine jewelry with unique appearances, the men's key rings from the La Maison du Porte-Clé collection are as sumptuous as they are ergonomic. Ditch the generic metal rings that alone hold up your expensive trousseau. From now on, proudly display your keychain as an integral part of your look : classic, sober, masculine, etc. Combining elegance and functionality, each of our key rings is a fashion object with which you can convey a belief.

Like the Men of Power, find the jewel that suits you by browsing our collection of unique key rings for men. Mixing looks and metallic shades (silver, yellow, multicolor, etc.), each of the key rings from our collection for men is unique as well as personalized with the aim of conforming to the inclinations and wishes of its owner . By adding your key ring to your daily looks and clothing, you will definitely invent the look that is unique to you. jackets, jackets with fur collars, jeans,... Extravagances have no limits!

A practical and revealing object in essence: the Colored Key Ring is indeed a personalized tool.

Why not take advantage of an opportunity to claim your uniqueness , in this society controlled by normality? This uniqueness is discovered in the very essence of the jewelry that you carry on a daily basis. Your objects carry a message, since the person acquiring the best cell phone wants to make people understand that it is modern. So what happens to a person's basic keychain, decorated only by a small steel ring? In reality, this lack of originality affecting such a basic object will always be noticed within its appearance.

Among all the men with an individual key ring, we find neither more nor less than the most influential men. The fact that a simple metal clip serves as a key ring for a powerful man? Unrealistic don’t you think? It is the whole of a person's personality that remains revealed through the choice of their key ring .

Aware of this, we have ensured that each of our key rings remains unique in its own way. It is to offer you personalized items that we have chosen to have our handcrafted key rings produced on demand. The imperious style of our accessories was decided and created to give you the chance to wear an accessory that sounds like a nod to your success .

Our key rings are elegant pieces of jewelry while also being clever utility accessories that you can count on.

Despite the fact that our key rings remain created as luxurious and high-end pieces, they do not neglect to be faithful everyday tools. Due to their structure, our models are perfect for organizing a bunch of keys while allowing superb precision in this task. Saving you time when using your keys is our watchword. From now on, your keys will be accessible at all times, as well as well arranged . All of our models can be fitted with additional rings to facilitate the personalization of your keychain.

With the idea of ​​not adding unnecessary weight to your keychain, our key rings remain created only from noble materials giving them strength and moderate weight.

Because we know that your keychain is important to you, most of our key rings have carabiners or hooks allowing you to keep it accessible at all times, and to avoid theft or loss. You are free to hang your keychain wherever you want: your jeans, your jacket, your bag, etc. The style of our key rings allows them to elegantly blend into your everyday look, attached to your pants for example. Are you more of a simple person? So be it, thanks to our smaller models, organize your keychain then carry it inside your pocket while not imposing excessive weight on it.

Strength and durability: the perfect tool for your everyday life.

On average and according to several serious studies on the behavior of certain individuals, an active person handles their set of keys 11 times a day. There is therefore no room for a keyring to abandon its resistance for more beauty. Practical objects, irreplaceable fashion accessories, and stylish pieces. Sketch of our absolutely deserved men's key rings. However, our products also demonstrate a longevity that it would be unwise not to highlight.

The two main reliable materials making up each of our men's key rings are stainless steel (sometimes with a silver color), and titanium alloy (with a darker appearance). Each key ring is able to withstand daily handling for a long time as well as the fortuitous role of bottle opener, due to the fact that it is an extraordinarily robust tool. Our key rings are able to pride themselves on this resistance because they are only made of prestigious materials adored for their resilience . It is therefore more delicate to leave your keys hanging on a basic iron ring, than on one of our resistant key rings. The lobster clasp fitted on most of our key rings is a certificate of peace of mind as well as practicality. Ignore unfortunate events such as loss or theft, with the impressive resistance of its device.

All of our key rings are completely stainless, and are not subject to friction, scratches or repeated use . From now on, keys as important as those of your home or your car, will be collected and protected from any unfortunate event because they will be hung on a key ring created and developed with security in mind.

Unbreakable, our key rings will serve you as long as you want to hang your keys on them. One thing is obvious: their longevity is quantified in years. Reliable and designed to be durable, La Maison du Porte-Clé key rings remain beneficial investments. You are free to forget about those other low-end keychains that break into pieces just after a few days.

Are you looking for a gift idea? Give him this Colorful Key Ring!

Great gift idea , the safest way to surprise a man without paying the full price is to get him a pretty, practical key ring. Tell him all your love on Father's Day or on his birthday, by giving him a practical object that will make his life easier. But, to be sure to offer an original gift, it is recommended to choose a key ring with a particular laser engraving, serving as a USB key, a whistle, or an organizer key ring and accompanied by its case very original and much appreciated by many men.

Men's Key Ring
The Colorful (Steel)
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