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Original Key Ring
The goat

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They love our keyrings
They love our keyrings They love our key rings
  • Unique and Original Design : add a touch of fantasy to your daily life
  • Zinc Alloy key ring: lightness and resistance
  • Practical : easily identify and find your keychain
  • Stones: rhinestones
  • Careful details
  • Size: 8.7cm

A real part of your universe.
How about bringing a nice eccentric touch to your daily life?
Give full freedom to your imaginative mind, and materialize your own personality thanks to a superb object intended for the trousseau, as useful as it is atypical: this Goat Key Ring.

The key holder is essential for the majority of people who regularly use keys. Directly after the smartphone, the keychain remains the object that we have the greatest use in daily life.

Unfortunately, all impersonal keychains look the same . Not to mention all the situations where it is complicated to find them after having lost them. Really annoying, because our house keys and car keys sometimes remain attached to the lost keychain.

This is why adding a key ring to your keychain is necessary. So even if it means buying a key ring, why not model this little everyday companion according to your personality? No longer content to leave one of your most useful companions lacking in all cheerfulness and originality.

Take advantage of the fact that you use your keychain daily, with the aim of making it a little individual ray of sunshine in each of your days! Forget bland key rings devoid of extravagance and singularity. Let yourself be tempted by an unusual and friendly original key ring!

Like your other daily personal accessories, the appearance of this Goat Keychain will symbolize your personality.

Leave behind the uniformity imposed by our modern world. Don't waste an opportunity to bring a touch of warmth and good humor to your daily life! By adding this Goat Keychain to your keychain, you are materializing your unique character . It will be your everyday companion, as adorable as it is brimming with originality.

Like a personalized phone case, your key ring remains the spotlight of your temperament . It's a bit like this: “show me your key ring, I'll tell you who you are”. We all remain different. An advertising key ring or any basic metal ring remains the antithesis of asserting its own character. So why be satisfied with it? Choose the difference!

By adding one of our personalized key rings to your set of keys, you will be sure not to acquire a sober and invisible piece of jewelry. At La Maison du Porte-Clé, there is no normality. Fantastic remains the key word if we wish to portray our original key rings! They can be spotted from afar and arouse emotion thanks to their specificity. We are thinking, for example, of key rings with LED lamp, with USB key, heart key ring, soft toy, unicorn, whistle or even anti-stress. Take part in the game and discover our different original pieces in order to personalize your other sets of keys !

More than a basic personalized key ring with laser engraving or marking, such jewelry is ideal if you want to add a touch of warmth and freshness to your daily life. Bring out your childish soul with our refined jewelry, or make a splash with our more outrageous pieces .

Are you tired of empty and too generic objects? Adopt this Goat Keychain! Assert yourself via a special key ring that is linked to your character.

Our models presented within the original key ring collection are unrivaled in other brands. Rich in their uniqueness, our charming objects embody that of their wearer. Wearing such an innovative piece on your keychain means showing off your cheerful and unusual personality every moment you take out your keys.

In addition, we offer you such a wide choice that you are guaranteed to be the only one to wear this personalized key ring . So the fact that our original key rings remain personalized is not linked to the fact that they have the capacity to be engraved, or unique as a photo key ring can be. But the fact that they remain so numerous that each person has the possibility of discovering the piece that will correspond to their personality.

Create an event every time you leave your set of keys on the table! In the register of phrases that you will have fun hearing often: “Hey, here is an original key ring!” For sure, your key ring will be remembered . Whether you want to make an impression or just amuse your friends…

Listen to yourself and project a part of yourself into your key ring. Joyful style, mature or fun look: treat yourself! In fact, this is the advantage of our original key rings, through their extraordinary character they remain personalized for the person who wears them. Besides the appearance it may have, such an object always signifies something more confidential. Whether it's a present or an individual piece of jewelry .

Do you want to satisfy a loved one? With this Goat Keychain, you have found the perfect gift idea.

Do you want to be sure to please by giving the perfect birthday present, or Christmas present? For both men and women, the key ring remains a safe bet . Whether it's Father's Day or Mother's Day, a birthday, Valentine's Day or any other celebration: give him a key ring!

Why is it an ideal gift , especially given in a pretty gift box or a sublime gift box? In fact, the usefulness of such a piece of jewelry is obligatory for the majority of people, since everyone uses keys! This Goat Keychain is great for complementing a more expensive gift idea, for a little attention, a small gift or for modest budgets. And then, its low cost remains reasonable for all budgets, which helps make it a truly essential gift idea.

Some people say that giving a key ring amounts to giving a present without personality and too banal. This is where our personalized key rings stand out! Because, due to their shape and unique aesthetic , these elegant trinkets remain clearly unexpected. Unlike promotional key rings, by offering a personalized key ring you are guaranteed to give a unique gift that will leave an impression on your loved one.

Dare to stand out by offering an original gift with this Goat Keychain. You will not regret purchasing this meaningful little gem that fits your personality.

Automotive brand key rings truly remain basic goodies and promotional items. They are very far from the atypical gift ideas embodied by the fashion accessories that we offer you in this collection. Our original key rings are ideal for serving as personalized and customizable gifts. Our collection includes the largest choice of original key rings in France. Whether you want a pompom, a shopping cart token, a heart shape, a bag charm, or any other charm; everyone can discover a piece that will suit their personality. In the same way, you will find the perfect gadget to please the person you love!

In order to build a personal and unique bond between you and a loved one, our templates can be useful to you. All you need to do is give him a customizable accessory, such as this Goat Keychain. His new and practical friend will appear in this person's mind, every moment he looks at your present. You will remain with her at all times, so to speak, like a lucky charm or a memory. This person will only have to observe their key ring in difficult moments, so that you have the opportunity to support them with your presence via your gift.

Resilient and practical companion for everyday life: don't let the refined appearance of this Goat Key Ring fool you.

The “ fashion accessory ” design of this charm remains primarily designed to allow it to decorate your keychain. However, at La Maison du Porte-Clé we consider that the task incumbent on any key ring must also apply to this piece of jewelry.

Our exuberant little objects remain identifiable by their unusual design, which also makes them very striking. Large families will therefore be particularly useful, because they are great for differentiating one set of keys from others! Indeed, their unique appearance makes them very easy to carry inside a handbag or pocket. You will no longer experience any complexity in keeping your keys within reach in every circumstance with the numerous parts (carabiner, clasp, ribbon, cord or hook) attached to all of our models. The accidental loss of your set of keys will only remain a bad memory!

Originality and high quality come together on this wonderful handcrafted object.

Although they are not designed to be used as bottle openers, our original key rings combine extravagance and resistance. Their quality remains guaranteed since, just like all the jewelry presented by La Maison du Porte-Clé, they remain designed on request and in an artisanal manner . Unlike many other creators, within our vision, “originality” does not agree with “low quality”.

Zinc alloy is the main material from which our original key rings are made. Widely used in the world of jewelry and jewelry for the creation of costume jewelry (just like leather, imitation leather, stainless steel and brass), this silver metal remains appreciated for its resistance. It was given this reputation via its own characteristics: affordable cost, endurance and ease of transformation. A point that allows us to present you with exceptional achievements at a low price. Some of our jewelry is studded with sparkling rhinestones, magnifying their enchantment.

Original Key Ring
The goat
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